Blogger Panel

Susan Hornblow, Director @ Key Performance Group

Sue is the Director and founder of Key Performance Group. Sue has over twenty years experience in consulting, management and sales across a broad range of sectors. Her early career as a winemaker developed her ability to work with a diverse group of people across the winery to help make great wine.

As a Sales Manager at both a regional and national level, she enhanced her leadership and strategic skills. Since 2002 she has used her expertise as a facilitator and trainer to help individuals and organisations achieve results. Her clients come from a diverse range of industries, including the Public Sector, Banking, Finance FMCG, Manufacturing and Retail.

Jane Davis, Owner @ Jane Davis & Associates, (JDA). Mentors in Talent Management and OD

Jane is regarded as one of NZ’s most passionate advocates of excellence in talent management and OD practice. Her initial training as an RNZAF psychologist set a solid foundation for a varied career over the last two decades, and she has developed deep specialist expertise – split between consulting and in-house roles.

David Tetter, Corporate Health Expert @ Corporate Health Management

David Tetter

Running his own health management company, and having studied under Tai Chi Grandmaster, David’s expertise has earned him a reputation with doctors, physiotherapists and chiropractors as the ‘go-to guy’ for musculo-skeletal complaints.

David is currently offering one hour seminars on the basic functions of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems, and how effective use of breathing can counteract can alleviate stress. To book your seminar, contact David on or 021 638 383.

Browse the latest guest blogs below:

Change Has An Unusual Face…
By Samuel Williams, Aamplify

The topic of diversity begs a politically correct response. However, this is often far from what people think. When I reflect on my career – which has been predominantly around white-male, middle-class, stereotypical salespeople – the topic of diversity has been met with varying degrees of derision and thinly veiled lip service.

Oops, I fluffed. Sorry!
By David Tetter, Corporate Health Management

Inflammation is one of life’s double edged swords. On the plus side, inflammation is one of the mechanisms through which our immune system fends off disease. It is also a big part of our body’s healing process when dealing with injury.

Sales Survey Results – What Makes Top Sales Performers Excel?
By Sue Hornblow, Key Performance Group, 31 August 2012

The Key Performance Sales survey was conducted from June to August 2012. We invited business to business sales people and managers to complete a short online survey. We have considered the results as reported and compared them to our observations working with Sales leaders and people across a wide range of different industries.

Spending Quality Time with Our Children in the Kitchen
By David Tetter, Corporate Health Management

Spending quality time with our children in the kitchen is an important bonding experience. Traditional family recipes are passed on in this manner, along with culture and values. With so many negative outside influences like television and other media to contend with, it is an important opportunity for mentoring.

Achieving Commercial Success with Top Performing Sales People
by Sue Hornblow, Director @ Key Performance Group

Achieving profitable sales is key to commercial  success. Having top performing sales people is  critical. While we would all  love to recruit top performers..the reality is a sales team typically has a mixture of top performers,  solid performers and lagers.

Slow Food Encourages a Healthier Lifestyle
By David Tetter, Corporate Health Management

Give a bowl of rice to a man and you will feed him for a day, teach him how to grow his own rice and you will save his life” This quotation by Confucius is more relevant today than perhaps ever before. One of the fundamental issues facing modern, western society is the proliferation of processed fast food and the resulting obesity, diabetes, and heart disease epidemics.

Choose and Control Your Responses
By Sue Hornblow

The Theory: The way we respond to events or triggers is habitual and based on our past experiences and our current mood or start. When we are feeling upbeat, energised and resourceful, it follows that we respond in an upbeat, energised and resourceful way.  The result is generally constructive.

Learn how to leverage LinkedIn as a resource to identify career and business opportunities.

Frog recently had the opportunity to interview Travis about LinkedIn…
Travis O’Keefe is an NZ award winner for innovation and entrepreneurial achievements. Travis holds a number of company directorships, is the founder of a number of businesses and has gained success through a variety of industries including hospitality, ethnic communications, education, new media, health and international distribution of technology.

Should You Be Eating More Cinnamon Buns?
By David Tetter

Yet another potent example of food as medicine is the magical spice called Cinnamon. Revered by the ancient Egyptians for its efficacy in the embalming process and valued by the Chinese for its heat giving properties in Chinese Medicine, Cinnamon was also one of the first spices sought by European traders.

Are Entrepeneurs Risk Takers?
By Sue Hornblow, Director @ Key Performance Group

Not so, according to Saras Sarasvathy who spoke at the 2012 International Council for Small Business World Conference in Wellington and was interviewed on National radio. She describes entrepreneurs as having a” burning desire to succeed”, “understanding risk and trading off accordingly”.  She uses the image of a “crazy patchwork quilt randomly stitched together to create something unique”.

Book Review: Wired to Care by Dev Patnaik
Reviewed by Jane Davis

Around the time I started reading Wired to Care by Dev Patnaik, I was talking to some managers in a retail organisation who were raving about the impact of a recent workplace initiative for leaders.  It involved getting out of Head Office and spending two days in a store, following a structured programme and being taught all about how a store operates.  Not only did they have to complete the training for team members in a store, but work on the shop floor and serve customers.

Building My Own Path
By Caroline Sims

Reflecting on week 3 at Frog, has lead me to the conclusion that I am slowly discovering and building my own my own path towards becoming a graduate that can take on the corporate world.

To Achieve Your Goals, First Challenge Your Limiting Assumptions
By Sue Hornblow, Director @ Key Performance Group

We all know that feeling…we say we want to do something…. It is that Sunday night goal for the week. ..This week I will…. “Write that proposal”… complete that project”, phone that difficult client, “have that tough conversation I have been avoiding”, “exercise every day”, “eat healthily.” … Recognise the pattern?

Time Management
By Caroline Sims

Between writing reports, committing to netball, working a second job nearer my home in Orewa, all whilst working full time on my placement, I have discovered the importance of Time Management.
Throughout my first week at Frog I think I was so keen to learn new things and get ‘stuck in’ that it wasn’t until the second week where my homework started piling up that I realized how organized I have to be.

A First Time for Everything
By Caroline Sims

Coming from a colorful background of customer service, book keeping, office administration, this blog accounts the tale of one girl from Orewa’s foray into the HR industry.

My experience begins with what is known at my university (AUT) as a ‘Co-op Placement’ whereby I am placed in to the industry of interest, in order to gain experience and knowledge over a nine week period. With largely working through retail and customer service throughout my university papers, being exposed to the corporate world has been both exciting and overwhelming.

Waistline Checklist!
By David Tetter

People often ask me for dietary advice with the most common objective being fat loss. Do I opt for a high carb low fat diet? A high protein low carb diet? A dairy free wheat free vegetarian diet? With so many choices, information and misinformation it’s no wonder that confusion reigns.


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