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The Frog Employment Market Blog is dedicated to bringing you the latest trends and themes happening in the world of work and employment.

Frog has a strong internal sharing culture. We are not information hoarders. We are fascinated by new trends and information in talent resourcing and openly share this knowledge with our customer groups.  As information ‘finders and sharers’ our role is to keep up-to-date to enable us to make a difference in performance direction.

Jane Kennelly, Director @ Frog Recruitment

Jane has 22+ years experience in the recruitment industry.

After several years teaching (5 as an art teacher), Jane Kennelly made the move to recruitment and within a year was global top consultant for a multinational recruitment company.

Jane then went on to join Lampen Group and was to become New Zealand General Manager – at the time New Zealand’s largest privately owned Recruitment Company.

When Lampen was purchased byTMP- Jane was responsible for transitioning the acquisition and the management and motivation of the subsequent 160 headcount in 6 locations across New Zealand.

In Jane’s time in recruitment she has been exposed to all facets of recruitment and the full range of supplier relationships.  She has launched businesses, introduced new technologies and developed a reputation for being forward thinking.

She is regularly called upon for comment by media, for presentations and is a regular attendee at the Australasian Talent Conferences.  She has been involved in numerous initiatives over the years, some of which changed industry practices.

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Recent Employment Market Blogs:

‘Hit the Ground Running’ Defined
By Jane Kennelly, Director, Frog Recruitment

We often hear hiring managers describe their ideal candidate as someone who can ‘hit the ground running’. Through experience, we have learned this phrase means many things to many people so we decided to take a closer look to see what lies behind this comment.

Successful Internship and Graduate Recruitment Programs
By Kathy McCombe, General Manager – Development & Solutions @ Frog Recruitment, September 17, 2012

Imagine if your organisation could tap into a talent pipeline of individuals whose minds are like open books, whose eyes and ears are like vacuums, soaking up information into sponge-like brains where ideas are fermented, distilled, bottled and freshly delivered to your business…

Axiology – The Move Away from Assessments to Predictive Performance
by Jane Kennelly, Director, Frog Recruitment

While organisations routinely measure behaviour, reasoning, and skills for hiring decisions, determining culture fit may still be guesswork, or in some cases, left to chance. Moreover, we’ve been finding many hiring decisions hinging on the perceived culture or values fit with the organisation. Given the importance of determining this fit, we thought it was high time to introduce a predictive performance tool, based on hard science, to help make these critical decisions.

The Definition of Candidate Attraction and Sourcing Strategies
by Jane Kennelly, Frog Recruitment, 29th August 2012

As often happens in processes with an assortment of jargon, terminology tends to get confused.  It is pertinent every now and again to take a mini refresher course on what we mean when we talk about certain terms. For example we noted a slight confusion recently about the differences between attraction and sourcing so we’d like to recap what we mean by these terms.
Skills Shortages and Sourcing Talent with Forensic Search
by Jane Kennelly, Director, Frog Recruitment

Found!  A Needle in a Haystack. You have probably read the news, heard the commentary and digested the blogs, so what we are about to say will come as no surprise… Good Talent is Hard to Find!

Frog Recruitment Discusses LinkedIn with Social Entrepreneur Travis O’Keefe

Travis O’Keefe is an NZ award winner for innovation and entrepreneurial achievements. Travis holds a number of company directorships, is founder of a number of businesses and has gained success through a variety of industries including hospitality, ethnic communications, education, new media, health and international distribution of technology.

Innovative People Creating the Future of Business
By Glenn Bratton, Manager – IT Services, Frog Recruitment

Having recently attended an Icehouse Networking Event where discussions centered on the future of business I came to the conclusion that the future is always with us today. What we need to do is to be stimulated to continually develop what we have now to create the future.

Workforce Planning Strategies. Yes – they ARE for everyone.
by Jane Kennelly, Director, Frog Recruitment

Facing urgent skill shortages, many organisations are still unsure where their future talent will come from, or even what they will require in the New Year. Organisations adopting a ‘she’ll be right’ attitude when it comes to planning workforce future requirements are more likely to be left behind by the competition.

Employment Market Update
By Danya Williams, Marketing Communications Manager, Frog Recruitment

This week in business, recruitment and employment news… Yammer Buyout, Pinterest for Recruitment and Future Workforce Predictions

Agility over Size
by Kathy McCombe, GM – Development & Solutions, Frog Recruitment

“It’s not the big that eat the small; it’s the fast that eat the slow” – This was one of the key messages delivered by HR Thought Leader, Dr. John Sullivan, at the Australasian Talent Conference 2012. The “New Normal” is the idea that tomorrow’s environment will be different, but no less filled with opportunities and it is the most agile businesses that will anticipate and react to these opportunities.

The Changing World of Work
by Keri McAdam, Manager – Business Support Services, Frog Recruitment

So what will the future of work look like? Recruitment Futurist, Kevin Wheeler from the Future of Talent Institute, delivered a keynote speech at the Australasian Talent Conference 2012 to address that question.

Refine Your Skills to Compete and Succeed in the Digital World
By Danya Williams, Marketing Communications Manager, Frog Recruitment

Today I listened to a fascinating webinar about Erik Qualman’s new book called Digital Leader. Erik is best known for his successful first book Socialnomics and his Social Media Revolution video which went viral. Digital leaders are made not born. In order to succeed you need to adjust your skills to compete in the digital world.

‘Wired to Care’ @ Better By Design
A book arrived in the mail from the BBD team, pre-conference. (N.B. there is nothing as wonderful as receiving a surprise book in the mail. I love NZ Post!). Entitled ‘Wired to Care’ and written by Dev Patnaik, Founder & CEO of Jump Associates (the name resonated well at Frog), the reading began. And what a natty read this was. From hearing about Patty Moore in Chapter One, the book was even totted to the gym and consumed whilst bike riding.


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