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The dedicated Frog Recruitment Talentologists are commited to providing the best up to date comments and advice to job seekers.

Contributors include:

Annie O’Keefe, Talentologist


Annie O’Keefe is part of our dedicated Talentologist Team, managing candidates in a specialised portfolio of Permanent and Contract Accounting & Finance, Legal and Executive Support roles.  In addition to her usual responsibilities of candidate application management, Annie has also been involved with some special projects for Frog’s clients.  For example, Annie was integral in sourcing and selecting talent for key roles within Hospice West Auckland, an organisation we have supported & worked with on a pro bono basis for a number of years.  Annie found this a rewarding experience and loved liaising with this team, who do such amazing work within the community.

Annie started her career in London working for BHP in a variety of roles and business units before landing in their legal team. After settling back in New Zealand after the “big OE”, Annie worked as a Legal Administrator at Simpson & Grierson for 3 years within their corporate and property team.  Using her extensive legal knowledge, Annie entered the world of recruitment as a senior consultant specialising in legal recruitment, a role Annie found very enjoyable and thrived in.

With 6 years specialist recruiting under her belt, Annie took time out with her 3 small children until she felt the time was right to return back to work, when she leapt at the opportunity to join Frog part time. The moment Annie met the team at Frog, she knew immediately this was the place for her.  “There was a definite alignment with my values and I got the feeling the team would be a great bunch to work with.”

Annie tries to live her life in the ‘now’, surrounded by positive people and loving what she does for work. It’s easy to get tied up in the chaos of life but following those three basic principles keeps her calm and grounded. In the very odd spare moment, Annie enjoys quiet walks or runs along the beach and indulging in her guilty pleasure of shopping which includes a focus on amazing shoes!

The Frog Talentologist Team have contributed to the following blogs:

3 Step Guide to Pursuing Your Career Goals with a Career Strategy
By the Talentologist Team at Frog Recruitment

Dissatisfied with your current role? Unsure where to go next? Suffering from career anxiety? Here’s our 3 step guide to pimping your career with a career strategy.

Why Recruitment Process May Take Longer
By Jane Kennelly, Director – Frog Recruitment

“So what’s taking so long?” Now there’s a question we’ve certainly been hearing a lot! Yes, the reality is that in the current market client processes have become lengthier,  meaning that many candidates have become unnecessarily pessimistic about their prospects.

Behind the Scenes with Career Transition Services
By Frog’s Talentologist Team

Humans are funny creatures. For example, why do people spend more time researching the details about the whiteware they are about to buy than they do assessing their own career plans?

Great Expectations – What You SHOULD Expect from a Recruitment Agency
By Frog Recruitment’s Talentologist Team, July 2012

So what exactly can an agency do for you? Here at Frog Recruitment, we think our unique and candidate focussed approach will not only enable you to stand out from the crowd, but provide you with the best possible representation of your personal brand.

Benefits: What You can Expect Additional to Your Pay
By the Talentologist @ Frog Recruitment

What can you expect to earn additional to your salary? The answer varies depending on the type of role, but we have definitely noticed the development of some ‘universal truths’ when it comes to negotiating benefits in the current market.

Standing Out, Not In.
by Jane Kennelly, Director, Frog Recruitment

In these uncertain times, the career seeker [who may well be your employee] is not exempt from the chaos of the world of work.  No. Employees, candidates, career seekers are quietly gathering in voice and volume; and their message?  It’s all about being noticed. Themes emerging from our numerous contacts with career seekers are as follows:

Interview Question: What are Your Weaknesses?
By the Frog Talentologist Team

Following on from a previous post regarding the interview question why should I hire you, this post explores another common but tricky interview question: What are your weaknesses?

Again, instead of guessing what recruiters are looking for (which is what a lot of other articles on the topic seem to do); I gathered my facts by interviewing experienced and professional recruiters.

Interview Question: Why Should I Hire You?
By the Frog Talentologist Team

A lot of people dread this question at job interviews. So much, in fact, that it made the Forbes list of 10 toughest questions at job interviews. I wanted to find out how frequently recruiters actually ask this question, and what they really wanted to know, in hopes of uncovering the best way to answer. So I asked six professional recruiters what they think. Curiously, none of them actually asked this question…


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