Pic’s Peanut Butter (Crunchy)


Being a lover of Pic’s Peanut Butter, I chatted with Pic at Deloitte’s Fast 50 2015. Pic is the creator of Pic’s Peanut Butter.  He is a warm and energising individual, clearly loves what he is doing, has a natural affinity with people and is ably supported by his dog who is his all-seeing assistant.

He is the kind of visionary business owner that people are drawn to and want to work for.  We hear it day in/day out from career seekers; “I want to work for a company that has a strong culture and I’m not just a cog in the wheel.” “I want to know that I am making an impact and it’s recognised.” ”It’s important that the person at the top is a people person, because my current CEO doesn’t even know my name.” Get the picture…

Business terms like engagement, retention, and culture might be being tossed about with great conviction within the walls of organisations, but we can assure you as experts from the coal face of the people game; the desire for a sense of belonging, a craving for purpose and the need for visionary leadership are firmly on the wish lists of career seekers. We hear it every day from those seeking new opportunities, and when you consider that 68% of people don’t leave their job, they leave their manager, it’s the kind of messaging that cannot be ignored.

This brings me back to Pic. The pride and warmth that he conveys as he talks about his business and the people inside it, is a delight to hear.  Having snared deals with Coles and recently close to 900 Woolworth’s stores across Australia, Pics Peanut Butter is doing well.  But Pic hasn’t lost the essence of what he is all about. Researching him I discovered a genuine person with a colourful background who has tried many many things. He is most certainly not afraid of taking a risk.

Check out a blog he wrote a wee while ago:

By Pic Picot, 12 December 2014       

When you get an idea and decide to do something about it you’ve got yourself a project.
If it’s something new, whether it’s new to the world or just new to you, you’ll have to deal with old man risk.

Old man risk will hover around your project, begging to make you a nice cup of tea, listen to all your troubles and he will take the blame for whatever goes wrong.

He is not your friend. The success of your project demands that you keep him outside. Patrol your project constantly, and seal up any cracks risk might sneak through.

It’s tougher than it sounds. If things don’t work out you’ll have no one to blame but yourself.  Much safer to leave a chink or two.


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