Energy and Guts at Deloitte #NZFast50


Deloitte NZ Fast50 – what an inspiring event to be involved with.

Surrounded by circa 350 enthusiastic business owners, inventors and creators who have put their homes, savings, inheritances and/or friends dosh on the line. These individuals collectively represent the guts it takes to stand out from the crowd, the importance of following a hunch, being driven by ambition and just ‘giving it a go’ and putting their money where their mouth is.

From The Garage Project (winners BTW) to Bird on a Wire, Switch Energy, Timely, Jucy and iTicket… the range of businesses and scope of activities from across NZ was enormous. And very impressive.

The messages were clear. ‘Underdogs. Bravery. Love.’ was the theme from Geoff Ross, Moa.  ‘Say YES’ said Cecilia Robinson, My Food Bag, because according to Cecilia, we all say ‘no’ far too easily (and she is right).  Sobering words from one pundit added the unspoken edge to the room; ‘Don’t worry about cannibalisation because someone else will eat you.’

Vic Crone, Xero, shared a startling revelation that apparently only 30% of businesses want to grow. And finally, wise words from Mike Carden hit home ‘The wild-eyed ideas are the ones that cut-through. Enjoy the fact we are small and unique’.

From my view, it’s a shame as business owners that we aren’t exposed to this type of collective energy more often because the impact is potentially profound. Be it motivation, an extended To-Do List, a range of quotes to hit the mark, new contacts, a time to develop bold thinking or an urge to take action; total immersion in this world was definitely worth every minute away from the office.

Thank you Deloitte.

To view the full list of the Deloitte Fast50 2015 winners click here


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