The Call Back

The call back. The job sounds perfect for you. You’ve put 100% into your application and you have been eagerly awaiting this conversation for what has seemed like days.

Let’s take a moment to make sure we are ready for that all important first phone call.

It is tricky to predict when you are going to receive this call so in order to be prepared and create the best first impression, I’d like to share a few pointers that could help to push you through to the next stage.

MOTTO: Always be prepared!  

  1. When job hunting, you will more-than-likely apply for more than one job at a time therefore it’s extremely beneficial to keep a record of the roles you have applied for. Keep this close and handy so you know exactly which one you are being contacted about.
  2. If you are in an environment where you cannot focus fully on the conversation, don’t be afraid to ask if you can call back at another suitable time.  The caller will appreciate your honesty and understand that you want to give 100% to the call.
  3. Showcase your enthusiasm. It’s a great quality to be genuinely excited about the opportunity you are applying for.  Let that come through in your voice, let them hear your energy and passion. Be positive.
  4. Active listening. In addition to showing that energy, just make sure that you don’t forget to listen to the caller. Don’t interrupt and briefly pause if you need to formulate your answer before rushing in.
  5. Know your CV. On this initial call, more often than not, your CV will be in front of the caller so just ensure you know your CV back-to-front as well.
  6. Ask questions. Another great thing to keep a record of when applying for roles – think of a couple of questions you might like to ask about the role.  The caller will be impressed that you’ve given their job real thought.
  7. Be concise. When answering questions or talking through your experience, a clear and concise approach tends to cut through.
  8. Build rapport. Making an initial connection with the caller can have a significantly positive impact moving forward.  Be friendly but try to avoid being over familiar.
  9. Ask for a timeframe. It can be helpful to ask the employer to confirm the next step in the process.  This will assist you in judging the appropriate date to follow-up with them.
  10. Smile! A smile can always be heard, even over the phone.

Moving forward, remember to be flexible.  In some instances, roles can move very quickly as recruitment processes do vary.  If the call results in an interview booking straight away, it’s important to be as flexible as you can to accommodate both your availability and theirs.

Just remember a few key points here:  be prepared, listen and showcase your personality.  Good luck!


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