Why your Beagle “Charlie” makes your office a better place


Within the broader context of the Talent Economy we have researched a range of factors that influence productivity and performance. Industrial interior/work space design, job design, reward and recognition systems, the importance of hiring creatives, contemporary wellness schemes, flexible work arrangements, virtual assistance and cementing the psychological contract all have their part to play.

Within this research we discovered a little gem that has the ability to make an extraordinarily positive difference to the team; having a pooch in the office.

The benefits of having a four-legged mate in the office are startling. From reducing employee absenteeism, increasing morale, reducing burnout and increasing productivity, the International Journal of Workplace Health Management has found that dogs in the workplace buffer the impact of stress during the workday for their owners and make the job more satisfying for those with whom they come into contact.

Meredith Wells-Lepley, a work-life columnist suggests that most employees believe workplace pets reduce stress levels and positively influences their health, co-worker cooperation, job satisfaction and an overall improvement in the work place environment.

Victoria University used puppies to help relieve stress in students citing; “It’s invaluable for students and people in general, especially when people are so tied up with busy urban life.” Researchers at the university have come to understand that animals have the ability to lower one’s blood pressure which resulted in the students becoming more relaxed. Not only can they influence a person’s physical wellbeing but a person’s overall wellbeing by providing a relaxing, enjoyable work space to be in.

Dog-friendly employers across the globe include companies such as Google, Nestle Purina PetCare Co, VEND, HIPGROUP, gaming firm Zynga, interactive agency Invivo Communications, The Icehouse and Haka Tours who are all leading the way with the adoption of animals in the workplace.

Considered a low cost and wellness intervention, having a pooch in the office is a readily available option for many organisations. It is evident that a dog in the office has the ability to enhance organisational satisfaction and perceptions of support; so all the more reason to explore pooch power.

Yes, it goes without saying that only friendly, clean and well-behaved pets are welcome in the office but the contribution to employee performance and satisfaction, employees being involved in exercise breaks and that general feeling of well-being is highly desirable benefits in today’s fast-paced, changing environments.

We don’t need to be scientists to know that scratching a dog’s tummy is a stress reliever. Woof!

How to bring your dog to work. Cesarsway.com

  1. Give the dog a place to feel safe, not territorial.
  2. Make sure the dog is well behaved
  3. Supervise at all times
  4. Dogs should be healthy and up to date on vaccinations
  5. Make sure the office dogs are “housebroken”
  6. Exercise together
  7. Make sure your dog is properly stimulated
  8. A water bowl area is a good idea (feeding is not recommended)
  9. Be responsible for your dog

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