I wanted to be a Fireman!

When we were young most of us had big aspirations and very clear ideas of the career we wanted to have when we grew up. Looking back at what we wanted to be I’d put money on the fact that we didn’t take that career path. [I can honestly say I didn’t dress up as a recruiter when I was younger!]

In chatting with people about the big topic of ‘my career’, many recount stories of falling into a job which then became our area of expertise and thus, my career.

However, is this really what we want to be doing? “Do you know what you want to be now you are ‘all grown up’?”

The truth is it’s never too late to start looking into different industries and reevaluate your career path.

8 Tips on Getting Career-Minded

  1. Break it down. Brainstorm what your perfect job would include. Once you put a pen to paper ideas will come naturally.Think about what makes you happy, for example, if you enjoy creative writing, maybe you want to be in Communications or Copywriting? If you enjoy problem solving, perhaps Human Resources could be your bag?
  2. Once you start to build an idea of your desired role, think about why you are interested in that industry. It’s easy to think ‘I want to be in Human Resources’ but really think about what makes that idea appeal to you.
  3. Reach out to industry experts. People are flattered when asked for advice and asking industry experts how they came to be in their career, what their typical day is like or what challenges they face can give you a real idea of what that job is really  like.
  4. LinkedIn is an excellent source of information. Research special interest groups and see what the hot topics are. Read industry relevant articles and join LinkedIn groups.
  5. Attend industry events, workshops and seminars and find out what people in the industry are talking about.
  6. Talk to a Recruitment Consultant, especially if they are specialist in the field you are interested in as they can give you an idea of the market and what to expect.
  7. Have a look at relevant job advertisements. This will give you an idea of what people are looking for and what this type of job entails.
  8. Start thinking about your transitional skills and what can be up-skilled. Transitioning your career can be daunting as we naturally feel comfortable doing what we know, but doing your research around what you want to be next before jumping into the job search is crucial. Remember to consider your skills, financial situation and your current state of mind.

If you are ready for a new career path, plant a seed in your mind and let it grow. Dedicate time to your research and even allocate time slots to make actions. As soon as you realise you are truly interested in a particular industry or job, you will start to absorb information about it and it will become a passion. Let your enthusiasm be infectious and opportunities will come to you.

Now – go and be a Fireman!

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