Holidays = Networking

By Jane Kennelly, Director, Frog Recruitment

Spurred on by: a) US article that suggested now is exactly the right time to start connections by reacquainting yourself with people you may have lost touch with and b) conversation at a seminar I facilitated for several people who had unfortunately just had their roles disestablished … here are four simple tips to make this year’s festive season a highly connection-based time.

  • Say yes to a party! Attending those family and partner events can lead to connections that happen on the spur-of-the-moment. Getting to know people in a more personal setting leads to conversations that are less guarded and opportunity focused. Cold drink in one hand and a sausage in the other…who knows where the conversations might go…
  • Update yourself. Refine your LinkedIn profile. Being in a more relaxed frame of mind will allow you to focus and trim. But – this is a one-off activity so once done [maybe on a wet day?] should be left alone until you are back in work-mode.
  • Set a connection goal. Set a goal regarding the number of connections you are keen to make over the next four weeks. This might include testing Twitter if you are currently a non-Twitter user. Perhaps you could call it your ‘New Year’s Connection Resolution’.
  • Start Blogging. Yes, we have beaten on this drum a few times this year – but you do have a point of view and it is worth sharing. Just remember to start writing with your audience in mind. And the purpose [apart from sharing your insights] is to create your own online network as well as becoming part of other networks.

Finally, have a fabulous time meeting, talking, connecting and relaxing over the coming weeks. #connection2015


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