Application Perfection


As a Talentologist at Frog Recruitment I come across a diverse range of role applications every day, and in my experience there are always certain aspects that make an application bloom before my very eyes.

Career-seeking is a full-time job in itself and adding notable touches alongside a little extra effort to an application can make all the difference to a consultant or employer.  The recruitment world is about ‘people not paper’ so it is beneficial to highlight your personality within your CV and application. Applying these touches to the application process helps build an idea of who you are.

Building a strong rapport starts at the very beginning of the career-seeking process so here are some insights around what can be actioned to make your application stand out from the rest.

  • Cover letters – a well thought out cover letter tailored to the role you have applied for can answer those initial screening questions from the consultant or employer.
  • A concise CV – check the formatting on your CV is clear and always includes contact details, dates of employment and technical skills. Always proof read and spell check your CV.
  • CV tailoring – it is advantageous to highlight the relevant experience and skills within your CV that correlate with the advertised role.
  • Applying for specific roles – it can be quite tricky to ascertain candidates’ motivations when they apply for a high volume of very different roles in a short space of time.
  • Reading the advertisement thoroughly – is a pre-requisite. Be sure to read the entire Job Description to confirm it is what you are looking for and that you fit the criteria.
  • Direct applications – instead of applying for the advertised role through a Job Board, I am always impressed when a candidate takes the time to email an application and cover letter directly.
  • A follow-up call – is a good way to introduce yourself and express your interest in the role. If you call and show your enthusiasm it can often highlight aspects of your personality which could get ‘lost on paper’.
  • Ensure you check your voicemails and emails regularly.
  • Positive reaction to redirection – if your application is not successful it is a positive move to thank the person who considered your application and let them know you are open to future opportunities.
  • In addition to submitting a well thought-out application, ensure your LinkedIn profile is up-to-date as this is often the second point of call for acquiring additional information about you.

Don’t be disheartened if your application is not always considered.  This is the start of building a strong relationship throughout the career-seeking process.  The impression you make will still stick with that contact for future opportunities.

Happy career seeking!


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