The Impact of Branding and Reputation on Recruitment

By Jane Kennelly, Director, Frog Recruitment

Recently I presented at the Auckland RHUB Conference on the topic of: Dissecting the role and impact of branding and reputation on recruitment.

Under instruction to present a topic of my choosing, I decided to focus on a theme that has reared its head as a result of a qualitative research programme undertaken by Frog this year.

By way of background, the goal of the research was to assess the degree of evolution that has/has not occurred in the way candidates view current recruitment processes; hence the decision to focus on brand and reputation management at RHUB.

In today’s cluttered and fast paced world, recruiters are under increased scrutiny to prove their worth with candidates, hiring managers and clients so the importance of brand and branding has become acute. Good reputation is a currency upon which all recruiters are measured.

Within all recruitment process, various brands come together and as the process unfolds a ‘brand-mash’ occurs. It happens when the employer brand, hiring manager brand, agency brand and consultant brand combine to form the candidate experience.

Employer brands are scrutinised on social media platforms and websites, hiring managers are researched via LinkedIn profiles (personal brands), and the way they are ‘treated’ within the recruitment experience from agency to employer is fully evaluated.

Not surprisingly, job seekers draw conclusions during this process. For example, brand opinions about a potential employer are influenced by the recruitment firm they engage to carry out the recruitment, right through to the personal brand of individual recruiters engaged in representing the employer whilst managing the vacancy.

Perceptions are formed. The depth of thinking by today’s career seeker is at a far more sophisticated level. It’s due to a greater awareness of brands and brand promises plus the importance placed on authenticity, genuineness, respect, professionalism and acting with integrity.

Our talent community are an observant and vocal group. They have social media channels available to instantly comment on their experiences, and they do.  Whilst the business and industry may be on a quest of cost recalibration, talent expectations have increased. As we have reported on numerous occasions, they care about who they work for.

All the more reason to be reputation mindful.

 ‘People might not remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel.’ – Maya Angelou


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