Mind Shift Time #1: Employment Branding

By Jane Kennelly, Director, Frog Recruitment

Yes, a mind shift time is finally catching hold within the employment market. Can you feel it? The mood of change has been creeping over the last couple of years, so are we taking note?

An area that deserves action but is often masked by today’s ‘business as usual’ (BAU) approach to work practise is employment branding, and it is now the place where HR & Marketing can join forces to make significant ROI impact.

Your name is out there!

Our employer conversations reveal that the level of importance regarding employer branding is mixed and pinpoints to a disconnection between the way a company goes about doing its business versus the way people internally and externally view the company.

To put the research supporting employment branding right up front and in neon, see the following statistics which make for compelling reading:

  • 86% leave an organisation for reasons other than money (The Saratoga Institute)
  • 60% would recommend jobs at their company to a close friend or family  member – but only 23% participate in employee referrals programmes (Bernard Hodes Group)
  • 55% believe ‘it’s important that other people want to work for my employer’ (Employer Brand International)
  • A defined EVP and Employer Brand gives an organisation access to 20% more of the talent market
  • Effective employee communications reduces turnover probability by up to 87% (Corporate Leadership Council)

From a talent perspective and from the frontline, building employment brand is multi-layered and takes many forms. It has morphed from being all about the employer to now being all about the job seeker.

It does not just relate to the external look and feel of an organisation, it is found in the actions of individuals within a company; for example: the commitment to consistent communication, well prepared job briefs, well written position descriptions, returned phone calls, trained interviewers, a tightly managed process and detailed feedback.

So too does the interaction that occurs when a recruitment partner forms part of the employment brand experience. At best, it resembles a very sophisticated process that sees a seamless interaction for all concerned i.e. brand management in action, by all.

Which is where the mind shift comes into focus. Being involved with employment and personal brand management, our role as brand custodians is one we take seriously.

We act as an extension of these employer brands and slip out feet into their shoes.  As people marketers we promote these brands, showcase them, follow them, create video content about them, build formal and informal talent banks for them, talent market map for them and apply our expertise to add value to these brands.

As a partner we naturally become zealous about the brands we work with. We use this enthusiasm to source, attract and encourage people to opt into the recruitment process. And with behaviour mirrored by the employer involved in the hiring, it makes for a powerful talent acquisition union. And distinctive organisations are built as a result.


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