A Blog From a Recovering Grumpy Duck Hunter

By Glenn Bratton, Manager – IT Services, Frog Recruitment

I’ll admit it!

I find writing blogs difficult. Why? Because, as part of the grumpy old men brigade, I want to VENT! I want to vent about a lot of things but I am going to try my best to control the rant and contain it to:

Poor recruitment practices in general by the industry and employers alike (I speak to hiring managers a lot and while they all lament the talent shortage, they continue to accept mediocrity in their recruitment process. Go figure?).

I am going to concentrate on the positive because by letting rip the need for medication becomes far stronger! (Fingers crossed here!).

At Frog I am lucky to be in the company of great people working for an organisation that lives and breathes the values honed over a long period of time to do great things for clients and candidates. No BS, we truly are orange! (As it should be when it comes to duck by the way).

This is possible because all the consultants share a level of unwavering professionalism, trust and respect. Plus they possess expertise that can only be sharpened to this extent because of the smarts gained in competitive environments where it’s the quick and the fast when it comes to wooing the best talent. (Great!).

It demonstrates the sophistication the recruitment industry should have been trying to evolve to over many years. (And some people really get this!).

It’s a pity that all too often we are asked to provide services where quality attributes are not valued. In my neck of the woods this is very prevalent in the IT market – where you’d think with a need for talent being greater, the requirement for more strategic sourcing activities would be in higher demand. (Oh dear… get me a pill! Get back to the good stuff Glenn).

So, why do employers continue to dumb down their search for the ‘right person’ by using non-skilled internal recruitment teams or multiple agencies based on the fact that they have managed to negotiate the lowest rate ever based on success? It seems strange that the entire process of ‘thinking proactively and being future-ready’ has become similar to the grocery list at the supermarket and Pam’s is the only brand item on the list. (The good stuff Glenn! Call the Ambulance…).

When I work with a client who truly gets the importance of selecting the right people on their team and they say; ‘Yes, it’s your experience I need Glenn – go find me this person. I don’t want our brand damaged by broadcasting our needs to all in sundry; I want to select from the high performers you can find. I want you to use your network and I want to tap into the wisdom that only a person of your ilk can bring – and I want it fast. And it’s exclusive.’

The talent world falls into shape again, the flowers bloom, the beer tastes sweeter and the duck is juicier. There is no longer a talent shortage as talent will win out in the end! (Cancel the ambulance, I ain’t going anywhere!).

Don’t believe me? Talk to any of the highly experienced consultants in the market you have the good fortune to come across and just hear the difference this makes. (Potatoes roasted in duck fat. Beer anyone? My shout!).


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