Got a Kiwi Fav? We do!

By Everyone at Frog Recruitment

If you had to pick just one favourite ‘Kiwi Fav’ what would it be? This was the question posed to the Frog team today. And while this would normally be a straightforward question…debate ensued and time passed because we found it exceptionally difficult to settle on just one each. Read on…

  • Buzz Bars straight out of the fridge
  • Sunday roast lamb with homemade mint sauce
  • Vogels… toasted with 1) marmite/cottage cheese & chives 2) cheese/tomato chutney
  • Pinot Noir (don’t care about which region!)
  • Bluff oysters
  • Roasted kumara
  • Scallops from the Coromandel
  • Toasted marshmallows squashed between Girl Guide Biscuits
  • Curried kumara soup
  • Pineapple Lumps – lots (forever!)
  • Deutz
  • Roasted Duck on the evening of duck shooting opening  (guess who!)
  • Jersey Benne’s at Christmas
  • L&P
  • Rachel Hunter
  • Afgans made by my Grandmother
  • Watties Tomato Sauce
  • Pavlova with fresh cream and strawberries

Do you have a Kiwi favourite? Don’t hesitate to shoot us your suggestion!


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