Stand Out: 5 Tips To Get You Noticed

By Jane Kennelly, Director, Frog Recruitment

What a turbulent few months we have had in the HR community. News of ‘corporates recalibrating their cost structures’ has created change and upheaval.

In our numerous conversations with the HR community we have heard a wide range of responses to the situation by those impacted.  From relishing the possibilities of new opportunities, looking at contracting as a viable option while the market takes time to gather momentum, or using this as a chance to transition away from HR to career-fields anew; it has been a priority re-evaluation for many.

Our aim, amidst the hurly-burly of your day to day, is to provide information and insights into contemporary talent management, trends and market demands, salary advice, career pathway consultancy, up-to-the-minute profile building strategies and tactics on how to stand out from the clutter.

Standing out is important in the current environment. This is not the time to be humble; rather it is important to be known and be proud because those that do are able to have choice.

So, to assist you, we have devised a ‘no BS’ list of 5 things you need to do to stand out from the clutter. The reason for this?  Because it’s needed.

New rules apply in today’s employment landscape and regardless whether you are comfortably employed or coping with change, we recommend you take heed and take action.

  1. CV.  Rather than starting with your employment rundown, think carefully about your personal statement. It’s that clear vision of where you see yourself. It shows clarity.  This document has to work hard for you so beef it up.  Sell yourself upfront.
  2. Optimise your LinkedIn profile. You need to be found so your LinkedIn profile has to work hard for you.  It’ can be tricky to write about yourself so find someone to help you.
  3. Get Social. Do you agree with this? Media commentators suggest that recruiters and psychologists consider people who don’t have a Facebook account as having something to hide. Hmmm. The debate about Facebook continues but like it or not, it has a part to play. Plus, as contemporary HR practitioners, you need to know about these channels and the impact they are having on our working environments.
  4. Networking is crucial. It’s not as hard as it sounds. It just takes time and focus. And it pays dividends. Get into the traffic and start mixing both online and in person.
  5. Research. Who do you want to work for? Think about the ten companies you’d love to work for. Follow them on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to keep on top of the new job vacancies when posted. This keeps you informed plus you are able to pounce on a role the moment it appears.

Frog has coaching services available on all the above should you need a swift injection of guidance or assistance. Contact Renee Daysh for more information on 09 362 0528.

Ian S Bruce, Herald Scotland

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