Just Around The Corner

By Jane Kennelly, Director, Frog Recruitment

According to Faith Popcorn; “In a society that defines who we are by what we do, what could be more important than understanding what we will be doing next? Another way to put it: Job descriptions are the subtitles of the culture.”

The marketing team at Frog was recently asked to research roles of the future; positions that don’t exist now but are just around the corner.  As a result they came up with a multitude of roles that may become more common place within our workforces. See what you think of some of these.  Time to retain perhaps?

Augmented reality job titles in 2020:

  • Digital Architect Designs a range of virtual buildings for advertisers to market their products and services.
  • Avatar Design-Security Consultant Designs, creates and protects the virtual you.

Robots & Artificial Intelligence job titles in 2020:

  • Personal Bot Mechanic Domestic assistants will work 24/7, but will still need the occasional tune-up.
  • Powered Exoskeleton Engineer Designs wearable robots that assist and protect soldiers, construction and rescue workers or other people working in dangerous environments.

Business job titles in 2020:

  • People Analytics Manager Authority in workforce intelligence and organisational design of predictive analytics and HR data reporting.
  • Simplicity Consultant Simplifies and streamlines processes, technologies and branding in an organisation.
  • LocaPreneur Starts up a local bank, makes local cosmetics or soft drinks that are able to compete head-to-head with the big corporations that no one trusts any more.
  • Corporate Knowledge Officer Secure knowledge and make it “always-on”. Game changers for analysts, market researchers and leading consulting corporations.
  • Corporate Data Scientist Don’t want to stop at data mining or business intelligence processes should figure out the value of the Corporate Data Scientist. They are challengers for PR and marketing decision makers who need to prove their credibility by showing facts to their CEOs.
  • Corporate Content Officer Understand the sense of integrated communities in websites by bringing all company departments to produce content for their special business area.
  • Chief Culture Officer Prolonged arm of the management team, the “personified culture geek” and at the same time working very close with the HR team.

Marketing, Sales & Communications job titles in 2020:

  • Experiential Manager Manages the “experience of the brand” by looking at all creative assets to make sure they are in line with the brand promise.
  • Brand Defender Polices the Web in the name of branding/messaging protection.
  • Digital Media Integration Manager Manages a brand’s presence in all paid, owned and earned digital media.
  • Mobile Marketing Strategist Specialises in reaching the right audience through smartphones and tablets.
  • Message Integrator Manages team communications so that all messages across various media channels are consistent.
  • Client Integration Specialist Agency representative who acts as a “stakeholder” in a client’s brand and operates as an employee.
  • Consumer Relations Specialist Helps facilitate crowdsourcing efforts to engage the public.
  • Chief Brand & Culture Officer Responsible for “living” the brand and embedding it in the culture of an organisation.

Social Services job titles in 2020:

  • Experimental Therapist Connects patients with new and emerging treatments and navigates them through the maze of patient services.
  • Home Companion-Caretaker Enables people to stay in their homes and live with dignity.

Education job titles in 2020:

  • Online Education Broker Tailors a bespoke learning package for the client, dovetailing relevant modules from courses and syllabuses around the world.
  • Space Tour Guide With Virgin Galactic planning commercial flights from 2011, space tourists will need cosmic enthusiasts to shed light on all that darkness.

Food job titles in 2020:

  • Personal Food Shopper Enables clients to hit their recommended daily allowance targets for nutritional balance, food-miles and organic sourcing.

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