My Desert Island Exercise!

If I could take only one type of exercise to a desert island it would undoubtedly be Tai Chi. Although there are many types of exercise and flavours of training, each with its own forte, nothing benefits the health in as many ways as Tai Chi.

Tai Chi’s origins date back to 600 BC, with the beginnings of Buddhism and Taoism. The three are inextricably entwined. Chang San Feng is, however, regarded as the founder of modern Tai Chi in the 13th century. He was renowned for his inner Tai Chi skills and lived to be 130 years old.

Tai Chi became a mainstay of martial artists and mercenaries to train themselves in the movements of combat. Those who didn’t learn well had short careers! It also began to be used by the general public as a system to promote general health and well being.

Tai Chi’s benefits, however, extend beyond the purely physical. The specialised breathing used in Tai Chi helps to restore balance to the central nervous system, thereby conferring a myriad of benefits. Fat loss, reduced blood pressure, improved mental function and increased sex drive are but a few of the well known benefits.

Many of my clients find Tai Chi to be the perfect antidote to their stressful lifestyles, often times improving conditions the drugs of western medicine cannot. Many elite level athletes now incorporate Tai Chi into their training routines as it improves recovery from training and focuses the mind.

Furthermore, study after study, show Tai Chi to be of huge benefit in rehabilitating stroke and accident patients, and many hospitals now organise in-house classes as therapy.

While Tai Chi (like any worthwhile endeavour) may take quite sometime to master, improvement begins almost immediately. I have been studying Tai Chi under two Grand Masters for over eight years now and can tell you the magic is in the journey, not the destination. Tai Chi is an ancient remedy for the modern world.

Yours in health


David Tetter

Corporate Health Management
P.O. BOX 90943 A.M.S.C AUCKLAND 1142
021 638 383

Contact David for:
Personal Training, Exercise Regimes & Corporate Breathing Seminars


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