Rushing the Close Risks Missing the Close

By Sue Hornblow, Key Performance Group.

I seem to be having a case of déjà vu with repeat conversations this week with clients along the lines of how slow their customers are making a decision. I am also struck by how impatient we can be as sales people, we want the yes now. But our potential client is still not committing.

A few reminders:

  1. It is about them not you!!
  2. They will make a decision to buy when the pain of doing nothing is greater than the pain of committing.  OR
  3. The pleasure they believe they will get as a result of the purchase is so desirable that they must have it.
  4. Most people do not like to be sold to, we like to make up our own minds

Your job as a sales person to understand what pain or pleasure means for them. This is not necessarily just about your product or service. It is often the influence of external factors, including other people. So ask lots of questions to understand what their concerns might be about making a decision or not. What alternatives do they have? If they do nothing, what might it mean for them?

Often just having this conversation, increases their desire to make a decision. Remember the more time they invest in considering a purchase, the more  committed they become.

So don’t let your desire to close the sale get in the way of closing the sale.

Happy Selling!


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