Silly Season Philosophy

Once again the silly season has arrived, complete with manic work schedules and frantic socializing. Left unchecked, it invariably leaves us stressed out and shell-shocked from over indulging in seasonal excesses. And then comes the guilt. But do we really need to feel guilty about enjoying our food and drink? It is after all according to Confucius one of the two great pleasures of life.

My silly season philosophy is to focus on quality rather than quantity in keeping with the 80/20 rule. Rather an eating and drinking poor quality food with little enjoyment value, seek out those which you enjoy most. I recently had the pleasure of sharing a bottle of 2008 Gibbston Valley Reserve Pinot Noir which was indeed a beautiful experience. Only three glasses, but what an epicurean delight! Savouring the wine also brought back memories of a recent trip to the Gibbston Valley with its magnificent vineyards and food. Drink less, drink better – enjoy more.

Those of you who follow my blog know that I am a huge fan of chocolate – specifically pure organic cacao. The plethora of great desserts that can be made from organic cacao powder are pure ambrosia. Ahh….the cacao bean – aphrodisiac, ergogenic aid and super food as well. Who says you can’t have your cake and eat it too?

End of the year is also a time for reflection; celebrating the year’s successes and learning from our mistakes. With that in mind I will leave you with a few thoughts to ponder.

  1. Value your health. It is the foundation upon which your life is built. Commit to doing things to safeguard and enhance it. Seek out relevant expertise in areas of need.
  2. Find ways of staying connected to nature. This is one of the most consistent hallmarks of healthy, vibrant people. Experience the abundant natural resources with which we are blessed.
  3. Enjoy good food and sex. They are indeed two of life’s greatest pleasures. Hedonism can also be healthy.

Have a wonderful Christmas and I wish you the best of health, prosperity and happiness for the coming year.

David Tetter & Frog Renee
David Tetter & Frog Renee

Yours in health,

David Tetter
Corporate Health Management
P.O. BOX 90943 A.M.S.C. AUCKLAND 1142
Mobile: 021 638383

Contact David for:
Personal Training, Exercise Regimes & Corporate Breathing Seminars


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