Ideas On A Deck

By Jane Kennelly, CEO, Frog Recruitment

You know how it is – busy week, things to do, deadlines, emails,  not enough minutes in the day and you have booked yourself into a symposium for 7 hours.

Such was my week recently. Yet, to the symposium I went.  Called ‘Invigorate’ – this event was the brainchild of a group called The Co. Of Women which is championed by Tara Lorigan, CEO.

And, simply put, this turned out to be a good decision.

Firstly – yes, the attendees were all women. An array of women from diverse businesses who were described as entrepreneurs, although as the day went on, the word entrepreneur was replaced with ‘purpose driven risk takers’.

Secondly – when I think of some of the networking events I have previously attended, this was a far cry from those experiences. The tone and talk was a blend of wide-ranging topics, self-assuredness and confidence, mixed with humour and a touch of honest ‘get realness’.   The armour typically strapped on as we head into business each day was left at the door and we settled for an injection of invigoration. Speakers included Rhonda Kite, Jenene Crossan, and Sandy Burgham.

Finally, apart from the fact that it was actually a glorious day (spectacular in fact) the event was hosted at the swanky new offices of Ernst & Young and flowed with elegant ease. Standing on the deck in the brilliant sunshine I decided that not only was this was one hell of a way to spend the day, but realised the real value in attending a day like this was found in the casual conversations with people you’d typically not meet.

In chatting to people about their businesses one could not help but be impressed. One woman, started from scratch, a data warehousing business 5 years ago and now employs 62 staff and is growing. Another lady launched a fashion range and has been invited to show in the UK Fashion Week in February, and someone else has developed a data centre operating system which is about to ‘go global’.  These are quiet achievers getting on and doing the job with a practical, driven, no fuss attitude.



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