TruSingapore – the First Tru Unconference in Asia

By Danya Williams, Marketing Communications Manager at Frog Recruitment

#Tru Unconference Events are the brainchild of Bill Boorman, or @BillBoorman as he is more commonly known these days. Bill has been in the recruitment game for many years now, originally working for corporate companies and training recruitment teams. He now wears a lot of different hats, one being the founder of #Tru Events. As someone who always liked to do things differently and was often bored at traditional conferences which were expensive and taught you little but to be polite, Bill started #Tru events 3 years ago.

The aim of an unconference, is to have a few rules as possible. It’s all about participation so attendees are encouraged to walk out of a session if it’s not what you expected and interrupt or start new conversations. There are track (discussion) leaders but no one is considered a presenter, expert or thought leader because everyone is trying to achieve the same goal of putting people into roles. We all have something to learn and share.

There were 3 key themes or trends I took away from attending TruSingapore, the first #Tru event in Asia:

  1. Culture Branding vs Employer Branding
  2. Trends in Mobile Recruitment
  3. Social Quotient – the next level to attract and develop staff.

(Please click on the links to read about each in more detail)

TruSingapore certainly met my expectations and I look forward to attending or following the tracks from future events. I was introduced to some new trends and developments in the recruitment industry, learnt about the different recruitment landscape in Singapore and APAC, reconnected with some familiar faces and networked with some new industry colleagues. Global and local talent issues are roughly the same, whether they are diversity challenges, skills shortages, attracting, engaging and retaining top talent, but what differs is where people are traveling on that journey of discovery and change.

Here are some photos I took at the event:

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One thought on “TruSingapore – the First Tru Unconference in Asia

  1. Great seeing you again Danya IR and thanks for sharing your takeaways. It’s interesting how different participants have different takeaways. I’m “thinking” about writing a blog post (sort of retired from blog posting) and my takeaways will be quite different – I guess we went to some different tracks too. At #truHongKong we delved much deeper into branding with 2 concurrent tracks on the topic. I prefer the term ’employee branding’ over ‘culture branding’.

    Lots of employers are doing some element of employee branding now (it’s not a new concept), and in my view we’re heading to a situation where there is a lot of sameness in the visuals and stories – yes it is authentic and all – and I like how they’re knocking some windows into their walls and allowing us to peek inside, but if everyone does it then it’s hard for a jobseeker/fan/follower to differentiate between brands – especially when it all looks and sounds the same between brands. In fact, I believe some employers are over-branding and not focusing enough on the needs and aspirations of the audience. It doesn’t feel like it’s their own community. They’re not seeking an emotional connection. They’re not tapping into the passions and motivational drivers of the audience.

    I’m seeing the emergence of ‘Immersive branding’ / Immersive recruiting where the fan becomes the hero – they’re at the centre and the community becomes about them. It becomes less show and tell and more Psychology. Also, should we be trying to differentiate more on ‘the experience’ we provide to jobseekers? Most brands still aren’t that “social” or provide tools and opportunities for conversation. Should we be seeing more things like live chats, video Q&A and Google+ hangouts?

    I love how #tru kicks the brain into gear and gets us to look at trends and opportunities at a local level and then deconstruct and debate them. It sparks creativity.

    One key takeaway for me from both Hong Kong and Singapore is that brands need to be more active and use a wider range of channels more aggressively – reaching a wider audience more often – and interacting more on those channels. More touch-points, more activity, more reach. In fact, we (individual recruiters) should each think of ourselves as a personal channel (not too dissimilar from a TV channel) – celebrity managers get this – and they are constantly thinking about reach and resonance. Thanks Samuel Lau for challenging my thinking with your media knowledge around this during the after-match at #truHongKong.

    My key takeaway was on the local culture side and the recruiter tools, platforms, channels, challenges and opportunities at a local level. I also loved learning more about recruitment, social media and employer branding in China.

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