Culture Branding vs Employer Branding

By Danya Williams, Marketing Communications Manager at Frog Recruitment

The main theme I took away from the TruSingapore unconference event I attended recently was the difference between Employer Branding and Culture Branding.

Most people would be familiar with the concept of Employer Branding being critical to attract distinctive talent to a business by projecting an employer value proposition of what it’s like to work there. Unfortunately the problem with Employer Branding is that it is largely created by marketing or HR divisions, so can be perceived as controlled and unauthentic by candidates who are savvy and largely distrust advertising and marketing messages.

Culture Branding on the other hand addresses these concerns by being an Employer Brand without the makeup on. It empowers employees to be themselves and share stories about what it’s really like to work at that company. Just as trends in marketing are seeing companies empowering existing customers to tell their stories and attract new customers, we are starting to see a shift in companies encouraging existing employees to tell their story and become advocates to attract new talent.

One of the perceived benefits of having a strong Employer Brand is becoming an employer of choice and never having to worry about candidates applying for your vacancies. In reality though, we heard the pain of these companies having to go through thousands of applications at a time, to find the hidden talent. Not only is this process painfully time consuming but can often result in brand damaging activity like many candidates not being responded to or good candidates being overlooked.

By having a true and meaningful culture brand, candidates will immediately know if they are the right fit for the organisation. The ultimate aim is that companies will have only the right candidates apply for their roles who not only have the right skills but truly fit their company culture and therefore will be more likely to stick around too.

For more information about Culture Branding, Bill Boorman has written a great eBook and highlights the great work which RackSpace has been doing in this space which you can download from his recruitment blog

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