Transformation… and so the process begins

By Jane Kennelly, Director, Frog Recruitment

Having reflected on the past year, it has become pretty clear that the very foundations of many things that we hold dear are shifting, shifting, shifting.

Leadership is undergoing considerable change. The once held high practice of ‘command and control’ is being replaced by a new philosophy of collaborative leadership.  Attending the CPA Summit recently and listening to Grainne Trout tackle the continuum of leadership models, Trout expanded on the range of approaches in play and pointed out the various pros and cons. Because each has their place depending on circumstance (e.g. think army commands) yet optimal is the ability to unleash the potential of the organisation.

Along with this and almost flying in the face of the comment, I have wondered if we as leaders have been too easily satisfied?  Given the past few years, was good enough, actually good enough?

Listening to Gary Hamel’s latest book ‘What Matters Now’ he asks; “Have we lost our inclination to dream?” or as Gary also puts it … “Do we suffer from imagination deficit?”

A sense of higher purpose, noble goals, collaborative systems, inspiring extraordinary accomplishments, humanising the organisation… all phrases being touted from various quarters yet the vexing problem lies in working out how these can be triggered within a company?

So, to cut to the chase – the upshot of all this thinking took me right back to the essence of what being in business is all about – the people in the business.  (‘The Service Profit Chain’, Harvard Business School; 1996)

As mentioned at the beginning, having reflected on the past year it has become pretty clear that no matter what somersaults the external market is doing,  the one area of the business that we must be focussed on are the very people who breathe life into the Frog brand every day – my team.

This BLOG is #1 about the ‘transformation programme’ we are currently undertaking within our business.  This is not your run-of the mill programme.  Using the latest information, devised by a team of experts in their field in collaboration with the University of Auckland, each member of the Frog team has a coach to work with and each coach will customise the programme to suit the individual.  There is no report back system as this is completely personal and confidential.

First and foremost the programme is wrapped around the individual’s needs. Over a series of sessions, including several team based sessions, we are about to tap into the very latest content available in the world – on personal growth.

And here’s where it gets interesting… Evidence shows that this approach will nurture, grow and develop individuals within the business to cope with the curve balls that life throws at them and allow them to make positive impacts with their families, friends and community.  They will flourish in their chosen work. And yes, allow the business to thrive too.

We have had session #1. Anticipation is high and dreams are being considered. I am in boots and all.


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