Recruitment Market Update – October 2012

Over the past few months Frog have been involved in conducting a skill shortages survey which consisted of communicating with organisations representing over 91,000 employees in New Zealand. Frog’s quest was to find out what exactly was on these organisations minds as far as talent shortages were concerned – were they perceived or were they real? Were these organisations active participants or passive participants in the talent market? Reading between the lines, the results show New Zealand employers are concerned about how they’re going to navigate their way through the next 3-5 years as the outlook appears extremely complex and uncertain.

This leads to conversation number two – the importance of optimism within organisations. This is a really fascinating area, particularly in challenging times. At Frog we now have the addition of a new range of expertise to our designing partner network in order for us to be able to offer seminars and training on optimism. Research shows that when people inside an organisation can balance the realities of what’s happening in the market whilst maintaining a healthy and positive optimism on their purpose and future, results in a powerful and successful force for an organisation.

Some of the other activities we’ve been involved with here at Frog include the launch of our IT specialisation and Frog LIVEWIRES – Graduate Recruitment Programme. Equally has been the continued quest around the changing contingent workforce that we are all thriving in these days, resulting in the increased use of temporary and contracting staff. If our trends replicate overseas patterns, this workforce shift is not going to slow down, instead it will continue to grow as companies realise this is a very viable staffing option.

At Frog we have certainly been immersing ourselves in various recruitment models and investigating the best ways we can service our clients. If there is anything you or your management team might like to enquire about, please don’t hesitate to contact Jane Kennelly via Email, LinkedIn, Twitter or call 09 362 0528.


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