Be Found with an Online CV Profile

By Danya Williams, Marketing Communications Manager, Frog Recruitment

Let’s face it, looking for a new career opportunity is very time consuming. You have to write a CV, search for jobs through the various job boards, customise your cover letter with each application, sign up for job alerts… it’s a full time job in itself really.

What if you are currently employed and have either made the decision to look for a new career opportunity or would like to explore your options – how are you going to find time around your normal work and other life commitments to focus enough attention to your job search?

Many,  finding it’s all too hard, too daunting or time consuming – decide to stay with the devil they know.

But what if there was another way? What if recruiters proactively approached you about a new career opportunity, putting you in control of the process? What if what they presented was just what you always dreamed but never had the time to go looking for it yourself? Too good to be true? Think again…

Recruiters have been looking for alternative ways to search and source potential employees for their career opportunities. Why? Because as Jim Stroud, Director of Sourcing and Social Strategy for Bernard Hodes Group states in his new eBook ‘How To Find A Job And Never Have To Look Again’;  job boards are expensive. Job boards are also declining in their ability to attract the right people for their vacancies, as only 15-20% of the population are actively looking for their next career opportunity (CLC Recruiting — Building Talent Pipelines Survey).

So in order to access the other 80-85% of the population, savvy recruiters out there like Frog Recruitment are turning recruitment on its head, by hunting for people like you through a range of innovative search and sourcing techniques.

You may well be asking; “Why aren’t recruiters contacting me?”  Well, as Jim Stroud states; “In order to be found you need to position your resume to be found by recruiters for free and position the right information to be found by recruiters”.

And it’s not as hard as it sounds. Don’t worry if you don’t have the technical skills needed to create your own website or online resume which is search engine optimised, because there are a range of online tools and websites that can help you do that quickly, easily and for free! Obviously the best place to start is LinkedIn but below is a quick overview of some of the other options available to you.

Before you start uploading your CV online, Jim asks you to consider; “How will recruiters search for my resume?” The more targeted and optimised your online profile is, in regards to relevant job titles, skills, company names and location keywords, the more likely you will be found online.

So start now. Take some time to think about the keywords recruiters will be using to search for you and the most relevant places that you want to be found and update your online CV profile!

Do you know any other online resume tools we can add to the list?

Download your FREE copy of Jim Stroud’s eBook >>


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