Be the best you can online, with a professionally written LinkedIn profile

Suddenly the world opened up….
A friend recently lost a great employee, let’s call him Ben. He’s just landed an amazing job – 25% increase in pay, terrific boost in perks, and the chance to jump a few rungs on the promotions ladder. The thing is, Ben wasn’t even looking. Someone found him. And they found him on LinkedIn.

But being found on LinkedIn isn’t as easy as you might think. Great LinkedIn profiles work very hard. They say the right things, in the right way. They ooze personality. They help recruiters and employers search the millions of people online to find that one person who is perfect for the job.

If you’re like most people, you’ll hate writing about yourself. The very thought of putting pen to paper sends you running. And of course finding new ways to express your experience can be really hard. You’re probably too close to the subject matter. Lots of people find it hard to stand back and look at themselves objectively.

But selling yourself effectively online is now a vital part of shaping your career. Recruitment consultants and employers are checking you out online, as well as looking at your CV. LinkedIn profiles aren’t there to collect connections. They are there to sell your experience to anyone who comes looking. Like the person who found Ben and then flew him to the US for an interview.

LinkedIn is huge and it is getting bigger every day.
In April 2012, LinkedIn had more than 500,000 members in New Zealand. In April 2011, there were around 350,000 members, in June 2010, approximately 250,000.
Worldwide there are 175+ million users.

Why LinkedIn is so important for your future

You might not have the luck that Ben had. But LinkedIn remains very important for your professional reputation:

  • If your profile is incomplete… will people know you finish tasks? How will people find you in search? And how will people learn more about you?
  • If you pasted your CV onto your profile page…..will people think you lack creativity? How can your LinkedIn profile give them extra reasons to get in touch with you? Don’t forget that LinkedIn is used to screen candidates and double check experience
  • If you don’t have any recommendations…..will people think no one rates your work?
  • If you only have a handful of connections…..are you as good at networking as you say you are? Imagine if you are in business development, sales or marketing for example, having no connections will ring alarm bells to any recruiter or employer
  • If you never engage in LinkedIn Groups…..are you the industry leader that you claim to be?
  • If you’ve gone out on a limb to be creative and quirky with your profile…..does anyone understand what you do?  Can they find you when they are searching?
  • If you rarely update your details or change your status… will your existing connections remember you? How will you stay front of mind when they are recruiting or looking for business partners?

You can overcome all these fears and concerns, and avoid the pain of writing about yourself, with a professionally written LinkedIn profile.

Please click on this link for more information on the packages we have available for optimising your LinkedIn profile >>

Feel free to email Bronwyn Stephens at Frog Recruitment now or give her a call on 09 362 0528 and we can talk about which package option is right for you.


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