Spring Forward with Creativity, Optimism, Happiness and Sunshine!

By Jane Kennelly, Director, Frog Recruitment

Common themes expressed inside the conversations we have had in recent months with so many in our Frog community, have confirmed a very real need to focus on the things that make us feel better.

Here are a few areas which popped up that naturally fitted the theme, just for you:

1)    The Creativity Cure
One of Frog’s Designing Partners, Jane Davis, recently referred to a book called: “The Creativity Cure. A Do-It-Yourself Prescription for Happiness” by Carrie Barron M.D. & Alton Barron M.D. Worth a look we feel.

2)    The Case for Optimism
The latest TIME Magazine (Oct 1, 2012) has a natty article written by Bill Clinton called: “The Case for Optimism. From technology to equality, five ways the world is getting better all the time.” Here Clinton comments: “I firmly believe that progress changes consciousness, and when we change people’s consciousness then their awareness of what is possible changes as well – a virtuous circle.

3)    Science of Happiness
Recently we spotted US Harvard Professor, Shawn Anchor’s TED talk. Anchor is passionate about the science of happiness and believes that 90% of our long-term happiness is predicted not by the external world but by the way our brain processes the world. According to Anchor, if we change our formula for happiness and success it will change the way we can effect reality. Anchor also notes that 75% of job success is predicted by our optimism levels, social support and the ability to see stress as a challenge instead of a threat.  Anchor’s happiness advantage:

  • Better secure jobs
  • Better keeping goals
  • Superior productivity
  • More resilient
  • Less burnout
  • Less turnover
  • Greater sales

Click on this link to watch Shawn Anchor’s TEDx video

4)     Sunshine!
Taking it to a simple level, there is nothing quite as cheerful as a sunny day. Walking on Orewa Beach this weekend, it was obvious I was not alone in deciding to get outside and enjoy the rays.

As we hop into the run up to the end of the year, why not focus on doing some things that make us feel better? For starters, take a few moments each day to slip out of the office, put aside the gloom of the winter months, take a deep breath of spring air, and enjoy the numerous benefits of sunshine!

9 compelling reasons to get you outside in your sunglasses:

  1. Sunshine puts you in a better mood. You might even feel like smiling. It can even lower blood pressure.
  2. Sunshine helps you heal.
  3. Sunshine influences the stock market. Apparently on a sunny say, stocks increase.
  4. Sunshine means we eat less chocolate.
  5. Sunshine helps our body make Vitamin D – which is important for the proper function of our body’s T cells; the immune systems first line of defence.
  6. Sunshine helps us sleep better. This is all to do with aligning circadian rhythms and increasing melatonin which increases sleep.
  7. Sunshine makes you play more.  Prepare to get active and start frolicking!
  8. Sunshine helps repair skin problems.
  9. Sunshine is free.

TIME Magazine Oct 1. 2012 (pg 18-23)


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