3 Step Guide to Pursuing Your Career Goals with a Career Strategy


By the Career Agent Team at Frog Recruitment

Dissatisfied with your current role? Unsure where to go next? Suffering from career anxiety? Here’s our 3 step guide to pimping your career with a career strategy.

We’ve often heard that people spend more time thinking about which new fridge to buy than their ideal career. Many people are not actively pursuing their career goals due to a number of reasons. Thinking about your career can be difficult, uncomfortable, or too long-term to pay much immediate attention to it. In an economic environment where many are thankful just to have a job, candidates may be sitting tight for fear of losing livelihoods. Alternatively, candidates may be playing it safe by accepting job offers below their true capabilities. There needs to be some thinking around this…

There is a risk in not pursuing career opportunities, in the way that accepting some roles can be seen by future employers as career distractions. Employers will assess you largely based on the last role that you held, which may hold you back from taking advantage of future opportunities if your previous role was not well suited to your skills or career path. Pursuing roles below your skills and experience means that you are likely to become bored easily and leave the role early. Employers will also know that once the economic conditions improve that their overqualified workers will leave for better opportunities. This can very quickly turn into a lose-lose situation for both employer and employees.

So what can you do? We recommend building a strategy to help you navigate towards your ideal career. Below is our easy 3 step guide to starting the process…

1.    Start thinking about a 3 year goal.
A career strategy does not fall into place overnight, but having a clear idea of where you are in the present can serve as a powerful compass to where you are going in the future. No matter how old we get, the question of “what do I want to be when I grow up” is usually very difficult to answer and an on-going consideration. Begin your career strategy by charting a potential roadmap from where you are in your current role to where you want to be. Remember – no dream is too big or set in stone.

2.    Identify gaps in your knowledge and skill set.
Ready, set, go! But, wait, we haven’t yet got our running shoes on yet! To achieve your career goals you need to arm yourself with the skills to make it happen. Think about what qualifications and experience you will need to attain in the next three years to reach your destination. This may involve tertiary level study, volunteering, or even doing some extra work on the side of your ‘normal’ job. Up-skilling can be very time consuming and may take some serious tenacity and commitment for these plans to come to fruition. Our advice: hang in there because it’s definitely worth it!

3.    Get professional advice.
You need not charter these waters unguided. There is a range of professionals offering comprehensive career guidance services. There are also a range of tools that can help you identify your values, motivators, limitations, and advise how to build a successful career around those findings. Think of these tools as a way of understanding your career path by understanding yourself first.

Developing your career strategy is an on-going process which requires thought, planning and professional guidance. It doesn’t have to be difficult but does require you to make a start. Take some stress off your mind by considering your career strategy so you don’t miss out on your ideal career being snatched up by others who have already made their career plans.

For more information about services available to help you build your career strategy, please contact Bronwyn Stephens, Manager – Career Agent Team at Frog Recruitment or call 09 362 0528 today.

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