Axiology – The Move Away from Assessments to Predictive Performance

While organisations routinely measure behaviour, reasoning, and skills for hiring decisions, determining culture fit may still be guesswork, or in some cases, left to chance. Moreover, we’ve been finding many hiring decisions hinging on the perceived culture or values fit with the organisation. Given the importance of determining this fit, we thought it was high time to introduce a predictive performance tool, based on hard science, to help make these critical decisions.

Every conscious moment we are making decisions about right and wrong, ugly and beautiful, and correct and incorrect. It’s no leap of the imagination that the way in which a person makes these judgements will influence their fit with organisational values and culture. How a person determines value, is key determinant of how a candidate will fit with the organisation.

Wait no longer, help has arrived: we are excited to introduce a predictive performance tool to help you delve deeper into the minds of your candidates.

The tool is called The Performance Matrix a predictive performance tool that uses Formal Axiology to measure value. Using this tool, hiring managers can now make more accurate decisions of candidate culture fit based on scientific principles.

Developed by Nobel Prize nominated winning research, AxiologyTM is a science developed to measure and determine the way in which a person makes meaning.  This is different from values assessments, which uncovers what a person values. AxiologyTM means value theory and deals with everything that concerns us. So Axiology takes us way beyond just values. This distinction is not at all semantic, as values science is fast becoming a tool used in recruitment to determine culture and values fit.

What an AxiologyTM  based Predictive Performance MatrixTM will uncover is a candidate’s potential performance blockers and interactions with others in the workplace, before you hire them. In other words, can this person get the job done within your culture?

When combining Axiology with behaviours and motivators as our Predictive Peformance Matrix does , then we have accuracy way beyond any traditional assessment tools.

The great thing about this predictive performance tool is that it is not only used for recruitment, but is a tool to understand who you are, what you are, and where you want to go. Many who are taking AxiologyTM  based predictive performance tools are doing so for personal and professional development reasons.

Frog is delighted to have partnered with the leading provider of AxiologyTM predictive performance tools in New Zealand to offer this service to our clients. We predict that AxiologyTM predictive performance tools will become a prominent part of the recruitment process as organisations come to grips with difficulties of determining culture fit.

For more information about how AxiologyTM predictive performance tools can improve your hiring decisions, please contact Kathy McCombe, General Manager – Development & Solutions on 09 356 9755 or


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