Why Recruitment Process May Take Longer

By Jane Kennelly, Director – Frog Recruitment

So what’s taking so long?

Now there’s a question we’ve certainly been hearing a lot! Yes, the reality is that in the current market client processes have become lengthier,  meaning that many candidates have become unnecessarily pessimistic about their prospects.

We understand that many candidates are experiencing elevated stress levels as they find the recruitment process taking longer than it had in the past. At Frog, we sympathize that oftentimes candidates feel left out in the cold by these increasingly lengthy processes.  So what’s changed?

The lapse between the times of lodging an application to the final hiring decision is caused by a multitude of factors rather than just one. Firstly, many employers are finding themselves inundated with job applications. Unfortunately it does takes time to consider and reply to every application, and working against the clock means that in some recruitment processes the response may not be as timely as candidates hope it to be.

Another side-effect of the increased choice in applicants is that candidates may be expected to go for several interviews, even for temporary roles. This may actually work in the candidate’s favour, as it will give both you and their organization an opportunity to get to know each other better, with the goal that you will enjoy the role and stay for a long time.

Many organizations are adversely under pressure to fill roles very quickly, which may mean that they are not necessarily following a process around the recruitment procedure.

Organizations are under more pressure to ‘get it right’ and make optimal recruitment decisions. The effect of this is that some candidates are becoming increasingly discouraged after not having heard anything after lodging several applications. Our advice is that this may not reflect the quality of your application, but the pressure that organizations are under.

We urge candidates to be flexible in their expectations when lodging job applications. We find ourselves in a unique market where both candidates and organizations are approaching the recruitment process with high expectations. Our advice to candidates is to keep bringing their ‘A-game’, be mindful of the current situation in the market, and adjust their expectations accordingly.

As a reminder, it is Frog’s policy to respond to every application, and to give feedback on the outcomes of recruitment decision when requested.  Our candidates are also welcome to keep in touch with their CareerAgent throughout the recruitment process.

Many candidates are lodging more applications than they expected to at the commencement of their career search. We can assure you that any increase in time and effort on your behalf in the process does not necessarily reflect the quality of your application, but may be extraneous factors at play.  We assure you that a consistent effort is bound to yield results.

Care to comment? We would love your feedback.

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