Spending Quality Time with Our Children in the Kitchen


Spending quality time with our children in the kitchen is an important bonding experience. Traditional family recipes are passed on in this manner, along with culture and values. With so many negative outside influences like television and other media to contend with, it is an important opportunity for mentoring. My father thankfully took the time from his busy schedule to do it and to this day my appreciation of real food is due in large part to his efforts. From a young age he would take me hunting with him and taught me much about the natural world and how we as humans fit into it. The dishes we then prepared took on far more meaning than just buying shrink wrapped process junk in the supermarkets.

I still try to maintain these traditions with my own family. Although time does not always permit, whenever possible, I try to involve my children in the kitchen and also occasionally take them hunting with me. One of our recent efforts took the form of stir fried venison with ginger, spring onion and garlic. Stir frying is a great way of cooking a tasty, healthy meal in a short space of time. Venison is one of my particular favourites, but this dish can be done using beef, chicken, pork or fish as well.

1.    Tenderize meat and cut into thin slices
2.    Marinate for two hours with oyster sauce, soy sauce, sesame oil, Chinese cooking wine and a little corn flour
3.    Sauté onion and garlic in oil until translucent, add meat and stir fry
4.    Season with chilli and white pepper, adding spring onions toward the end

Bon apetit!

Yours in health,

David Tetter
Corporate Health Management
P.O. BOX 90943 A.M.S.C. AUCKLAND 1142
Mobile: 021 638383
Email: dtetter@gmail.com


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