Career Transitions and Managing Your Career

Behind the Scenes with Career Transition Services
By Frog’s CareerAgent Team

Humans are funny creatures. For example, why do people spend more time researching the details about the whiteware they are about to buy than they do assessing their own career plans?

Perhaps the answer lies in the fact that a career transition is assumed to be a demanding exercise emotionally, so it is little wonder that we’d prefer to deliberate over whiteware functionality…

However, our research shows that now more than ever, many are considering moving their careers into uncharted territories by embarking on a complete career change.  With continued organisational restructuring, the threat of redundancies and persistent uncertainty in the employer market, career transition services are ‘trending’ as they say in Twitter land. Some are making this journey out of necessity, while others simply feel they have come to the natural end of their current career.

Whatever the reason, these waters need not be chartered alone. Many are engaging professional assistance in the form of Career Coaches to help them down these paths.  Alisa Bartholomew, Managing Director of Career Dreams, is one such individual who is partnering with Frog Recruitment to work with individuals to identify the all-important values (personal & career), motivators, skill set, and occupational preferences, among others. People engaging this type of service can expect a full suite of tests and evaluations to steer them in the right direction.

To initiate the process, the most important element of a career transition is research. This is where a Career Coach assists in the exploration of potentially fruitful avenues, and may even facilitate meetings with people working in the new role being considered.

So what should you look for in a Career Coach? Jane Davis, from Jane Davis & Associates recommends evaluating:

  • Natural Chemistry – do they ‘get’ you?
  • Relevant Services – are they up to date with the latest in the market?
  • Emotional Supportiveness – coping with change is difficult, can they support you?

The good news is that when facing difficult career decisions there are experts available to facilitate the process. The end result may even be staying in a current role, but with confidence in the knowledge of other possible futures.

Ask yourself: Am I happy with my current role and employer? If the answer is not an immediate yes, you may benefit from stepping into the world of career transition and engaging a Career Coach.

For more information about Career Transition Services, please contact Bronwyn Stephens, CareerAgent Manager, Frog Recruitment.

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