Frog Recruitment Discusses LinkedIn with Social Entrepreneur Travis O’Keefe

Introducing Travis O’Keefe, Social Entrepreneur

Travis O’Keefe is an NZ award winner for innovation and entrepreneurial achievements.

Travis holds a number of company directorships, is founder of a number of businesses and has gained success through a variety of industries including hospitality, ethnic communications, education, new media, health and international distribution of technology.

Frog recently had the opportunity to interview Travis about LinkedIn…

What’s your view on LinkedIn?

I view it as a dynamic online CV (with benefits) that replaces the static paper based version; it’s like the career version of Facebook.

How do you use LinkedIn?

Well, put simply. LinkedIn has become an important part of my personal branding.

Firstly it’s my online CV.  I always make sure it’s updated to give the viewer a deeper level of insight about my past and skills. Recommendations from peers are important because they allow a potential new partner to gain reassurance and insight to my experience and ability.

Secondly, I use I LinkedIn for business development.  I regularly search for contacts from my network of connections to initiate a first meeting, to researching people I have met to find out more about them.

LinkedIn provides credibility which means I am able to communicate my expertise to the market.

It’s a great connection portal and it lets me connect with the other social media spaces I own and it’s useful to be able to see who has looked at my profile.

And finally, as you recruiters know, LinkedIn generates career opportunities.  I’m always looking for new interesting opportunities in the job seekers section

How can people leverage LinkedIn as a resource to identify career opportunities?

In a nutshell – Use the job seekers section!

How can people leverage LinkedIn as a resource to identify business opportunities?

One way that works for me is in researching  your connection’s networks to help find someone in an area of interest to you; contact that person; meet with them to explore any potential to help each other; exploit the opportunities that arise from the discussion. Simple and effective.

Do you have any tips for those still timid about taking the LinkedIn plunge?

Yes I do.

1) It’s easy to start; Sure, it takes time and effort to get it right but it’s worth the effort. And…

2) Don’t reinvent the wheel. Copy and adapt what is already successful.

Do you agree LinkedIn will become the ‘standard utility for HR / Recruiters’?

It should be. If I was a recruiter seeking a competitive advantage from the industry, I would be researching LinkedIn profiles for relevant skills, experience, deeper candidate insights and having discrete discussions with high quality candidates about their interest in a new role.

Any other comments Travis?

OK here’s a couple of hints to end on:

Review and use some of the LinkedIn apps in their lab tab e.g.

  • RESUME BUILDER: Build, save & share beautifully formatted resumes based on your LinkedIn profile.
  • SIGNAL: Signal is aimed at making it easy for all professionals to glean the most relevant insights from the never-ending stream of status updates and news.

Add LinkedIn apps to enable a deep level of insight to your personal brand e.g.

  • SLIDESHARE: Have your PowerPoint presentations stored so that people can understand your expertise.

Travis, on behalf of our readers, thank you very much for sharing your insights and hints from a practical/using-it-every day perspective!  

SOURCE: LinkedIn, the professional social networking site, has steadily been growing in reach and strength. According to spokeswoman Krista Canfield, LinkedIn now has more than 170 million users, with a new member joining every second. Its job postings have bulged to more than 62,000 and many predict LinkedIn could become a standard utility for HR / Recruiters.


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