Market Update: Yammer Buyout, Pinterest for Recruitment and Future Workforce Predictions

Market Update: Yammer Buyout, Pinterest for Recruitment and Future Workforce Predictions

This week in business, recruitment and employment news…


It was hard to miss the latest internet start-up buyout, this time Microsoft acquiring Yammer for $1.2billion. We have been using Yammer for a few years now and have found the enterprise social network effective in allowing our staff to share and connect with each other whist encouraging collaboration, increasing engagement  and creating a deeper company culture. Combined with the $8.5 billion Microsoft paid for Skype last year and the launch of their own tablet, Surface, to revival Apple’s iPad, it will be interesting to see whether these new social capabilities will create a more streamlined business operating platform for the future workforce. READ MORE


Pinterest is a relatively new social network to enter the arena and is already the number one site for women aged 18 – 34, and number two most visited social network in the USA in May 2012. We’re always interested to see how companies use these social networks for B2B marketing strategies, and more specifically for recruitment and employer branding purposes too. This week we came across a great article highlighting the 5 best employer brands recruiting talent on Pinterest which definitely provided some great inspiration worth sharing. READ MORE


It’s always concerning to read headings like “90 Million Workers Won’t Be Needed By 2020”. We have been reading a lot about skills shortages and unemployment rates in recent months but it’s refreshing to see some reputable studies and facts around this information. Many people wonder why if so many people are being made unemployed that on the other side of the pendulum people are struggling to find staff. The difference here is skill level. Low skilled workers are seeing their roles become automated or outsourced, while highly skilled workers are becoming very rare because not enough people are being trained in the areas of growth, specialist knowledge or keeping up with changes in technology. Check out the slideshow to see the top 10 jobs facing the greatest talent shortages. READ MORE


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