Knowledge In My Field Of Study

Knowledge In My Field Of Study
By Caroline Sims, Intern @ Frog Recruitment

Now that I am somewhat more established within Frog and adjusting to my university requirements, I have discovered that I am being set tasks that are significantly relevant to my Learning Goals, and in particular this week, Learning Goal 2 – Being Knowledgeable in My Field of Study. Particularly, when organizing or helping to organise events and attending seminars and trainings, I have been able to use the knowledge I have gained throughout my studies and take on new information and perspectives.

The seminar training that I attended was based on a marketing perspective; however during the seminar it was highlighted rather quickly that providing your client or customer with a product or service that is worth telling someone about, means that every area or department in the business is involved in this. The seminar highlighted simple or convenient ways to grow and market your business through networks and using an individual’s emotions of satisfaction and enjoyment to promote your business through word of mouth. I found this seminar interesting as it also highlighted theories that I have used throughout my degree such as the Halo effect which is based around first impressions and how when a product or service is presented in a positive way, it is more difficult for the customer to point out anything negative about the end product or service. Therefore this relates to my position within Frog whereby I need to ensure that the first impression of a candidate’s or client’s when arriving at Frog is a unique experience and when speaking over the phone professionalism is used to answer all the enquiries they need in a timely manner.

This event or training can be related to my field of study and university requirements through building on knowledge from past studies including; marketing management, whereby promoting a product or service can be done through key activities and communicating with customers and making them feel satisfied, as well as understanding more about the environment of which Frog is in and also the economic and global effects of advertising and the importance of building networks and a great reputation.

Through completing tasks such as; event catering and using time management plans to organise event times and transport etc I have also been exposed to theory or experiences relating to project management which is an area included in my field of study. Project management includes planning, risk assessments, securing everybody is informed and controlling the environment surrounding the event- all of which I performed in order to have the event begin on time and as planned.

Overall this has given me an insight into how training and seminars would be held when working in a corporate organization. This week has also highlighted that unlike first thought during university much of the academic literature that I have learnt will actually be used when working in a corporate organization.

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