Building My Own Path

Building My Own Path
By Caroline Sims

Reflecting on week 3 at Frog, has lead me to the conclusion that I am slowly discovering and building my own my own path towards becoming a graduate that can take on the corporate world.

Aspects that have lead me to this conclusion include; the systems I have developed since starting to get the day to day tasks done correctly, building relationships internally and focusing on my Learning Goals (LG) which I need to achieve during my placement.

Firstly throughout my placement, it has been required that I achieve 5 Learning Goals. I have recently developed the idea of focusing on one a week in order to create for myself examples and ideas for theory to write about during my reflection.  Within these Learning Goals there are minor activities or goals that I need to achieve in order to make the correct progress whilst at Frog. During week 3, I have highlighted and discovered ways in which I have worked towards achieving LG 5 – ‘Working Collaboratively’.  To achieve this goal I have needed to achieve managing myself effectively in terms of time management i.e. creating a time management plan or using tools such as calendars or diaries. I have also needed to achieve communicating effectively in a written and oral text i.e. using different communication channels and understanding what information is best for what communication channel or context. A clear example of this within Frog is when using Yammer, which is mainly used as a more social way of communicating. Therefore, I feel as though I am progressing through understanding the culture or Frog through recognizing when to use the appropriate communication channel.

Related closely with the culture of Frog, is the development I have made with other staff members. Through internal tasks such as; researching or basic admin duties, I have been able to find my own feet and gather knowledge due to the relationships that are being built, particularly when needing help with a new task or activity. Similarly, out of work, we have recently had a leaving dinner for a staff member which meant that I needed to be able to communicate with and socialize with nearly all staff members in a more social environment.

Knowing an individual’s interests, perspectives and opinions can lead to a stronger relationship and therefore can mean you can work more collaboratively in the work place.

As at the moment I am leading an incredibly busy lifestyle, I have discovered the importance of systems or methods in order to get tasks completed on time. Even simple little systems such as using a notepad and highlighter have made remembering the task and how urgent it is in terms of staying organized.

Willingness and ability affects everything you do. Therefore, if I am willing to learn as well as working collaboratively and building relationships to enable me learn more in the work place, the results from this experience should remain positive.


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