Time Management

Between writing reports, committing to netball, working a second job nearer my home in Orewa, all whilst working full time on my placement, I have discovered the importance of Time Management.
Throughout my first week at Frog I think I was so keen to learn new things and get ‘stuck in’ that it wasn’t until the second week where my homework started piling up that I realized how organized I have to be.

Firstly, I need to highlight that during my work placement activities this week, I have been required to decide on an area or topic I want to study further during my placement and then report on in progress reports during my placement and in particular on the development of my learning in this area. From exposure and experiences so far during my time with Frog I have decided Training and Development as an area I am going to study in more depth. Now that I have decided on this, I will need to create a time management plan at home for myself to draw on research during my placement.

Within the work place new systems such as the Outlook calendar or even writing on Notepad have helped immensely with organizing work related activities. However, at home I am still in need of a calendar system or a way to keep myself organized. Using my diary and note taking has helped so far, however distractions and my commitment to netball have meant that balancing my work load is still an obstacle I need to work around.

An obstacle I have needed to develop my own time management plan for from day one is the public transport system. Typically, I have developed a small system to help me make my bus on time. I have also developed a plan for what bus to take home at night in order to get home quicker and be able to do my homework faster.

Organization is much easier in the work place I have recently discovered. However I know I’m not alone other friends that are also doing their placement say they are struggling more than me in terms of home work and grades – sounds evil but it makes me feel better knowing I’m not alone or could be worse off. I’m lucky enough to have a work placement where everyone is aware of my placement and is interested in what I have to achieve, helping heaps when writing up reports and knowing the answer automatically.

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