Trend Update: Standing Out, Not In.

Trend Update: Standing Out, Not In.

In these uncertain times, the career seeker [who may well be your employee] is not exempt from the chaos of the world of work.  The number of employees, candidates and career seekers are quietly gathering in voice and volume; and their message?  It’s all about being noticed. Themes emerging from our numerous contacts with career seekers are as follows:

  1.  People want to standout inside their companies. Organisations that understand and respect this desire are creating transparent career paths. In doing this they are, and will be, ahead of the talent curve.
  2. The notion of promotion as being the traditional ‘up-the-ladder’ is being replaced by cross training and cross pollination of roles. Training and development is resulting in rich new career flavours within organisations. The focus is the creation of challenging, stimulating, varied, purposeful work that stretches and grows the mind and skills.
  3. Individuals want to standout in their careers.  If #1 above is not being met, career seekers working on designing their ideal career.  Career development is being deliberately and actively pursued by those who motivated to do well.  They are working on closing their career gaps to maximise their transferable skills and seeking employment opportunities that are aligned to their carefully crafted skill set.

This kind of proactive thinking means the organisations who know themselves well will capitalise on the drive and motivation by these potential employees.  So, some questions for you to think about:

  • Do you know high calibre talent when you see it?
  • Where does diversification sit on your radar?
  • How strong is your action-plan about retention?
  • When did you last up-skill your leadership team about the latest people trends?
  • Are you aware of the latest thinking on performance management and leadership development?
  • Statistics from the recent Australasian Talent Conference 2012, suggest that less than 30% of companies have a workforce plan. Are you one of them?

The latest trend report from the Australasian Talent Conference 2012 is available now. To arrange a trend presentation contact:

Jane Kennelly  –

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