A First Time for Everything

A First Time for Everything
By Caroline Sims

Coming from a colorful background of customer service, book keeping, office administration, this blog accounts the tale of one girl from Orewa’s foray into the HR industry.

My experience begins with what is known at my university (AUT) as a ‘Co-op Placement’ whereby I am placed in to the industry of interest, in order to gain experience and knowledge over a nine week period. With largely working through retail and customer service throughout my university papers, being exposed to the corporate world has been both exciting and overwhelming.
Before recounting my discoveries within my first week at Frog Recruitment, I must first highlight that throughout my placement I need to achieve what is known as Learning Goals which includes; being knowledge in my field of study, working collaboratively, working ethically, being a critical enquirer and problem solver and analyzing a field within my studies that is of clear interest to me. Throughout my placement I am then required to write progress reports regarding how well I have achieved each of my Learning Goals and what discoveries I have made within my research- all within the 9 week time frame.

From the beginning of my Co-op experience it has become obvious that the word ‘first’ has become very important this week. From first corporate position & first impressions, to first time using certain technologies or social media sites and other work related activities, as well as my first time using the new public transport system, my first week in my Co-op placement has helped me to open my eyes and see things from a different perspective.

I believe that first impressions last a life time – particularly within the corporate world, where I feel with finishing my degree within the next few months and wanting to begin my own career path, that the difference between being successful or not may rely largely on the first impressions I make during my Co-op Placement.
Bright colors and helpful ideas and tips made the first few days at my placement at Frog just that much more interesting, fun and easy to handle. Also the time that was taken to try and understand my goals and requirements whilst on the placement has helped immensely.
Similarly, the idea of building my first professional / corporate relationships within Frog Recruitment has meant when needing help or understanding specific areas around recruitment I have been aided and listened to – even with what I would think is a simple basic question, which has helped me feel more comfortable and confident in the new environment.

When learning different ways of communicating, internally to staff members and externally to candidates, it has highlighted to me the issue or the importance of media richness and difference in communication channels. Internally I have been introduced to my first experience with Yammer and many new applications within Outlook which has enabled my ability to multi-communicate. Externally so far this has largely been through web related communication as well as having my first experience with using transferable calls and systems over the phone – all of which have different levels of emotional understanding and have allowed me to realize how important it is to be organized and take on new information quickly.

Linked closely with time management, this is my first experience with the new transport system to my Co-op placement. Rising as early as 5 30am is definitely different to the university casual lifestyle – recently discovering the wonderful invention of the ‘snooze ‘button. However, due to my placement being so aware of my heavy work load from University, I have been lucky enough to have slight flexibility with my timings – particularly when been given a ride home instead of having to the catch the bus, which may have meant leaving a little earlier than expected!

My final experience that must be recounted is my first experience using / doing a blog. I am definitely undecided on how confident I feel with having to write a blog and not using any factual information. Coming straight from university anything that I usually need to write involves an excessive amount of references and evidence and I find it difficult to speak more on an emotional or personal level about my experiences. However, I know that this will help when wanting to reflect and compare with my final reports and with every week I know it will get easier – in other words this blog has most probably taken me far too long and analyzed into far too much detail, hopefully next week is better.

There is a first time for everything.

Whether all my experiences so far within Frog Recruitment have been that successful (although they nearly all have been / the early bus trips), I feel that the first time is something that can be built on or challenged and therefore I look forward to comparing and seeing where this adventure leads to.


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